People with Available on their profile get significantly fewer responses to their connection invites on LinkedIn

"Clients who were not available for work at this moment had a higher chance of being accepted through their invite on Linkedin." ft. Ajar A.I. Consulting – Linkedin Marketing Research

Three months ago, our two startups from Amsterdam, Ajar A.I. Consulting and, started to collaborate on the hot topic, LinkedIn optimization.

We (Rueben Alvarez, Co-Owner of Ajar and Michiel Verstraten, Co-Owner of first met in a bar in Amsterdam Zuid in January and immediately we gave each other so much energy: has an incredible amount of data from 100+ clients and Ajar has the machine learning tools and knowledge to get insights in this data.

“Together we can improve online networking & business development and change the way we work forever.” #automate #robotise #standardise 

About us.

Ajar A.I. Consulting

Ajar A.I. Consulting is a team of Artificial Intelligence academics with an entrepreneurial mindset, based in Amsterdam. Their love for technology and their natural instinct for business transformation brought us together.

They work closely with the University of Amsterdam and do as much work as research to provide excellent state-of-the-art solutions. 

They believe that forming a bridge between university and business will evoke a new class of businesses, built on strong AI and smart solutions. is a marketing agency that is helping freelancers, sales managers, companies and executives with high-tech business development service.

Currently counting 45 clients from whom the LinkedIn performance has been analysed by Ajar A.I. Consulting. claims to turn Sales & Recruitment 180 degrees and they call themselves Social Business Assistants.  

From our Knowledge Base

When you start with LinkedIn marketing, you have to make sure that your LinkedIn profile is up to date and looks good. You have to aim for a 100% completeness and keep optimizing your profile. When you finished this, you have to make sure that you know who your audience is and what your goals are. Not every company or individual realizes how important this is. When you know your target audience, the next step is to optimize your page for the search. When you’ve done this, your followers will gain and you can publish content on your company page.

LinkedIn is mostly used during the average workday, so from 8AM until 5PM.

LinkedIn has millions of professionals searching for relevant connections and ways to improve their company. Compared to social media channels like Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, LinkedIn is specialized in the B2B market. On Instagram or YouTube, you are probably more likely to see an influencer promote a product or service, but on LinkedIn it’s all about networking and find the right person for you to cooperate with.

LinkedIn groups give you the possibility to communicatie across social platforms. It’s a great opportunity to build relationships and grouw your network. LinkedIn groups could be relevant for you and your business, because social media is changing. More and more businesses are giving less attention to huge public pages, but choose for closed communities. Also the users on LinkedIn keep growing. This makes LinkedIn groups a great way for bringing you customers together, especially in the B2B market. At last, LinkedIn groups have great management features, you won’t find on other social media platforms. For example, you will receive a daily or weekly digest of all activities in you LinkedIn group. This will keep the members up to date and engaged.
So LinkedIn groups will give you an opportunity to connect with a smaller group of lke-minded people. These days, people prefer close connections and small communities over huge networks, so this will give you the chance to build deeper relationships.

There are several benefits to LinkedIn marketing. LinkedIn helps you to reach out to a more professional audience. You are also able to narrow your targeting through industry specific variables.

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Here’s the first idea. is managing the LinkedIn profiles of 100+ professionals. All of these profiles are performing in an equal manner because all profiles are optimized beforehand. This ensures that the quality of the profiles should not affect the performance. Nevertheless, we are observing differences in conversion rates. To improve our service and to get insights on how to grow business on LinkedIn, we want to analyze how different LinkedIn profiles perform on LinkedIn. In this case, performance is based on the acceptance rate of connection invites. This is the first part of the sales funnel. Before optimizing the conversion of later stages, we decided to start with optimizing the first step so that our clients have as many chances as possible. Later we will analyze the step connections, chats, leads, meetings, and deals. Profiles are grouped by their sector, seniority, availability, sex, and whether these are foreign profiles. (Foreign based on non-Dutch profile names).

Here’s what we did.

We collected all of our customers’ data. Our customers invited other LinkedIn users based on our clients’ wishes for expanding their network. Our clients range from juniors to seniors, exist of men and women, work in different sectors, and are of different nationalities. Our customers have invited from 184 to 6224 LinkedIn users to connect with them. All our customers have similar professional profile styles and copywriting. We’ve provided them with a certain Whitelabel LinkedIn profile that contains all the necessary information and is structured to readability and professionalism. We’ve grouped and counted all invitees per customer and compared the results. 

Here’s how we did it.

Following GDPR guidelines and with the permission of our clients, Ajar preprocessed and cleaned our datasets. Moreover, using machine learning techniques they acquired additional relevant information necessary to form interesting conclusions. Using YouLynq’s expertise in marketing and behaviour on Linkedin, plus Ajar’s technical skills we were able to present these results. Most of the work was done in Jupyter Notebook, using python.

Here’s what we found out.

Foreign names (non-Dutch)

Shockingly, our clients with foreign names (non-Dutch) have a significant difference in acceptance rates. Compared to our clients with Dutch names, inviting as many Dutch and Non-Dutch LinkedIn profiles (50:50 on average), our non-Dutch customers were 5 times less likely to be accepted by a Dutch LinkedIn user. All YouLynq’s customer LinkedIn profiles are created through their high standard of profile structure and English copywriting, the only exception being their names. Therefore we have to conclude that discrimination based on simply a name is still very alive in our online communities in the Netherlands.

Freelance vs Business profiles

The majority of accepted connections are found in B2B profiles. Possibly more interesting for other employees, for freelancers require a different kind of work.

Senior, mediors, and juniors

Medior function profiles on LinkedIn have the highest average acceptance rate. Seniors second, and junior third.

IT vs innovation vs finance vs marketing

Marketing is the only sector that has a lower average acceptance rate, all other sectors were equal.


Our available clients show a difference in the average acceptance rate, compared to our unavailable clients. Clients who were not available for work at this moment had a higher chance of being accepted through their invite on Linkedin.

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