B2B lead generation

How do you identify and reach leads in today’s digital jungle? B2B lead generation replaces old-fashioned sales to effectively spark the interest of potential customers. Calling is making place for chat messages and community building is replacing advertising spam. And always goal-oriented, strategically thought out and above all: personal.

Let YouLynq.me help your network grow and build lasting customer relationships with lead generation for B2B.

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What is lead generation precisely?

From content strategies to social media campaigns, lead generation is the collective term for all tactics related to finding and engaging with potential customers. Sales, do you think? Yes, but in a modern, digital jacket and more focused on sustainable customer relationships. With B2B lead generation, you not only gain familiarity with interested prospects, you also build a valuable network. YouLynq.me turns potential customers into customers together with you. So: stop selling, start networking.

From our Knowledge Base

A lead is a potential buyer. Someone who has shown interest in a company’s products or services but have no decided to buy yet.

It is the process of targeting the prospects and nurturing their initial interest in a particular product or service. The overall goal of lead generation is to convert the interested party into a buyer and increase your company’s sales.

Lead generation is the process of generating customer interest for a product or service with the goal of turning that interest into a sale. In online marketing this typically involves collecting a visitor’s contact information called a “lead” or “prospect” through a web form.

Originally, lead generation has been a responsibility of the sales team. But over the years there has been a development where the responsibility is now shared between the sales and marketing team.

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Lead Generation Services & Process

YounLynq.me’s B2B lead generation is personal and targeted. And we do that on one effective platform: LinkedIn. By identifying leads on LinkedIn and addressing them in a targeted manner, we want to increase your network with relevant connections on the one hand, and establish personal relationships with curious decision-makers on the other. We know better than anyone how to build an important network on LinkedIn and turn it into promising customer relationships.

What does our process look like?

  • We first thoroughly investigate your organization, tone of voice and the identity of potential customers. We qualify these leads through lead scoring.
  • We address the leads with specific messages that match the leads. Also called lead nurturing. We share knowledge and experiences with the potential customer to stimulate interest and interaction.
  • We support the first contact with the leads. We start the LinkedIn chat and get the conversation going.
  • We keep track of the relationships with our self-made smart CRM system. We ask the right questions at the right time. Without losing the personal touch. The greatest success is achieved with long-term commitment.
  • We schedule the meetings for you that come from the B2B lead generation. You only need to be present at the meeting so that you can focus on the content itself.

Generating and tracking leads with the right tools

Will we take everything off your hands? No, with B2B lead generation from YouLynq.me we mainly support and advise you in the networking process. In this way, we mainly save you the time-intensive hours needed to identify and reach leads. We are of course happy to share how we do that and what kind of results it produces. We offer 24/7 access to a personalized and live dashboard where you keep an eye on your goals. Here you can track the status of each lead, view a weekly report and monthly we will discuss this all in our strategic online review.

Why LinkedIn lead generation?

If you want to generate leads as an organization and grow your business, you must ensure that you have a clear online presence. We see the most potential on LinkedIn, a platform made for networking, where B2B is the largest and where you reach leads in no time. Provided you approach it professionally and personally. Get rid of old-fashioned sales and annoying marketing tricks, with LinkedIn lead generation we work with you to create a large and relevant network for sustainable customer relationships.

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