7 Tips to boost your LinkedIn reach (and Happy Father’s Day! 😃)

Father's Day Tips for Maximum Impact on LinkedIn in 2024

17 June 2024 -

"Personal profiles reach 5-10 times more people than company pages. Make sure you have a standout photo and write a compelling headline to grab attention. Authenticity is rewarded!"

The algorithm is constantly changing, but of course, more and more content is being posted. The platform is getting busier, so we are all stuck in traffic trying to get to the top of the timeline! Effective LinkedIn networking is becoming increasingly important to stand out.

According to some LinkedIn insiders, reach in 2024 has already dropped by more than 60% compared to the end of 2023!

What Can We Do About This?

Especially for Father’s Day, I am sharing some tips.

Oh, in the photos you can see my two children (whom I am the father of), my father, my stepfather, my biological father (who unfortunately has passed away), and my father-in-law! Each with their own unique and beautiful story. Send me a message on Facebook if you want to know more 😉

Tip 1

Post from your personal profile instead of your company page. Personal profiles reach 5-10 times more people than company pages, which can greatly help you boost followers on LinkedIn. This is one of the LinkedIn profile optimization tips you can implement to significantly enhance your visibility and engagement.

Tip 2

Write a better opening sentence. You have 200 characters before “See more” so make sure you grab attention. A compelling opening is essential to create a great LinkedIn post because people screen your post in a split-second. It has to happen in this moment.

Tip 3

Provide an eye-catching photo, design, or video. Just like with the opening sentence, people judge in a split-second whether your post is worth their time. Visual appeal matters as well. We are still human 😅

Tip 4

Vary with photos, designs, and videos. Ensure that the formats are not always the same. This is always a fun challenge because, in terms of branding, you want to show recognizability and LinkedIn consistency consistency, but doing the same thing over and over again becomes boring. Find a good balance between consistency and variety.

Tip 5

Give more comments. Around 10 comments per day significantly increase your SSI score and thus your reach. This is essential for effective networking on LinkedIn. Nurture your content. Also, read our articles about the SSI score and maintaining your content.

Tip 6

If you’re good with words, write your blogs yourself! Authenticity is rewarded and can lead to higher LinkedIn conversions. Since January, I’ve been writing everything 100% myself and my reach has tripled. If you’re not as good at it or too busy, work with a copywriter who matches your style. In my opinion, copywriting is the hardest part of content creation, and a good copywriter is incredibly valuable. Oh, ChatGPT is not a good copywriter!

Tip 7

This is a case of ‘Practice what you preach’: Use current events and know what’s happening with your target audience. Don’t push propositions! Share knowledge 🧐

Let me know in the comments what you think of these tips. Good for my reach and good for your reach 💪🏼😃

Happy Father’s Day everyone! 😘

Show me the magic in real life 🪄

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