At, we’re not just about numbers; we’re about real results. Whether you’re an individual looking to elevate your personal brand or a company aiming to drive business growth, we have a proven track record of success. Dive into our cases to see how we’ve transformed LinkedIn strategies for brands globally.

Morres Wonen

"Due to the success we are now having with LinkedIn in our B2B activities, we have achieved significant results in business."

8000+ new connections Substantial revenues Significant new collaborations
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We’ve planned 20 business meetings, resulting in 9 potential clients.

500 new connections 20 business meetings 9 potential clients
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CFO Netwerk

CFO Netwerk has successfully closed deals worth over €650,000

€650,000 in deals Expanded network Increased visibility
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In just over 2.5 years, our collaboration with YoungCapital has resulted in remarkable outcomes.

5000+ new connections 225 meetings 10+ deals
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The campaign showed immediate results, with 10 confirmed meetings and 2 potential clients in the first week.

2000+ new connections 10 confirmed meetings 2 potential clients
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We were able to generate a whopping 1175 new followers in just 10 months

1175 new followers Optimized profiles Masterclass
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No less than 7 new volunteers for the Oppepper4all Foundation

750% more likes 900% increase in comments 7 new volunteers
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"Growing our network so quickly, we had 2 deals before we even launched"

personal branding 15 client meetings per week 2 deals before launch
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"In 3 months, 68 meetings on C-level. Simply great."

256 leads 68 C-level meetings personal branding
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" helped us seal 3 major deals!"

312 relevant leads 64 client meetings 3 deals
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