"Growing our network so quickly, we had 2 deals before we even launched"

personal branding
15 client meetings per week
2 deals before launch
"I highly recommended to anyone who wants to get more out of LinkedIn"
Client since: 1 year
The number of participants/colleagues: 2


Benkey was going to launch its platform in January 2021. In September 2020, they asked to create their branding and build a network for them on LinkedIn, to ensure their launch would be a success.


Firstly, we’ve had a strategy call with Daan and Max to discuss how our manner of working could correspond with their wants and needs. We have a monthly call together where we discuss our progress and to optimize the process. For immediate matters or questions we have direct contact via Whatsapp or by phone. By having this direct contact we plan calls for them on a regular basis, even last minute when a prospect indicates a call for that day. This ensures that we have a trustworthy relationship, which affects our cooperation positively.

Results managed to grow their network so quickly, they had an average of 15 client meetings per week, and achieved 2 deals even before their launch. This achievement was picked up by Quote Magazine, who published a news item about their very successful launch.

“Cool new concept, Michiel & team! You do what you promise and we have made 2 deals thanks to your marketing & sales activities. I highly recommended you to anyone who wants to get more out of LinkedIn!”

Daan Smit
Co-Founder/Owner Benkey | Real Estate Financing & Investments
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