Our team triumphs at the 10K Yet Zuidas Run! Copy

Celebrating Team Spirit and Record-Breaking Achievements at the 10K Yet Zuidas Run

01 July 2024 -

"Happy people makes a happy team. Everybody wins!"

Last Friday, our team enthusiastically participated in the 10K Yet Zuidas Run!

A big shoutout to our incredible team, especially to our frontrunner Thor J. De Groot, who achieved a record time of 41:47 minutes! Well done, Thor! 🏆

For the past few weeks, our team followed a training schedule, meeting every Wednesday after work to train together. It was fantastic to see how this contributed to team bonding and friendship!

We believe that fun and a healthy lifestyle in the office lead to a happier work-life balance and, consequently, better work performance. Happy people make happy customers. Everybody wins! 😃

Congratulations to Yet Zuidas Run for organizing such a successful event and supporting all the charities involved in the race. 🙏

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