5 LinkedIn Growth Hacking Steps for 2022

"Write an article."

Whether you want to connect with executives and key decision-makers as a marketer, a salesman, an entrepreneur, a freelancer or a recruiter, LinkedIn is your platform. Here are 5 steps to be successful on the network.

1. Use Keywords

Make sure that you know what kind of keywords are relevant for your business and use them in the various sections of your profile. Especially spend some time to update your “About” section. 

2. Connect

When you meet people or talk to people, make sure to send them an invite afterwards. “It was nice to meet you. Happy to connect.” Don’t waste your time and money in printing and sharing business cards anymore.

3. Use media

To stand out and have exposure, use rich content on your profile like blogs, articles and case studies. You can add them to your work experiences or publish articles on your feed. If you don’t have your own content, you can find blogs on various websites.

4. Integrate

Try to leverage other social media together. This is tricky but highly effective. On Twitter or Instagram for example, people are more likely to share their personal opinion. Make sure to use this behaviour in your advantage as well for your own exposure as for finding connections. 

5. Publish

I keep repeating: Write an article. Most of our freelancers got in touch with us via one of our articles. Do I need to say more?

Good luck!

From our Knowledge Base

When you start with LinkedIn marketing, you have to make sure that your LinkedIn profile is up to date and looks good. You have to aim for a 100% completeness and keep optimizing your profile. When you finished this, you have to make sure that you know who your audience is and what your goals are. Not every company or individual realizes how important this is. When you know your target audience, the next step is to optimize your page for the search. When you’ve done this, your followers will gain and you can publish content on your company page.

LinkedIn is mostly used during the average workday, so from 8AM until 5PM.

LinkedIn has millions of professionals searching for relevant connections and ways to improve their company. Compared to social media channels like Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, LinkedIn is specialized in the B2B market. On Instagram or YouTube, you are probably more likely to see an influencer promote a product or service, but on LinkedIn it’s all about networking and find the right person for you to cooperate with.

LinkedIn groups give you the possibility to communicatie across social platforms. It’s a great opportunity to build relationships and grouw your network. LinkedIn groups could be relevant for you and your business, because social media is changing. More and more businesses are giving less attention to huge public pages, but choose for closed communities. Also the users on LinkedIn keep growing. This makes LinkedIn groups a great way for bringing you customers together, especially in the B2B market. At last, LinkedIn groups have great management features, you won’t find on other social media platforms. For example, you will receive a daily or weekly digest of all activities in you LinkedIn group. This will keep the members up to date and engaged.
So LinkedIn groups will give you an opportunity to connect with a smaller group of lke-minded people. These days, people prefer close connections and small communities over huge networks, so this will give you the chance to build deeper relationships.

There are several benefits to LinkedIn marketing. LinkedIn helps you to reach out to a more professional audience. You are also able to narrow your targeting through industry specific variables.

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