How to earn the prestigious LinkedIn Top Voice badge

How can you become a LinkedIn Top Voice?

05 March 2024 -

It takes some time and consitency, but with the Top Voice badge you become even more clearly the expert and go-to person in your field.

It’s a success! I have achieved the B2B Marketing Strategy Top Voice Badge on LinkedIn. I am excited to share that I have received the Top B2B Marketing Strategy Voice Badge on LinkedIn. Earning the LinkedIn Top Voice badge is a prestigious distinction that can significantly increase your professional visibility.

It was a challenge, but I succeeded! Here I am pleased to share how you can also earn this Top Voice Badge on LinkedIn. This article provides you with a clear action plan to earn this recognition and thus increase your engagement, visibility, and business opportunities.

What is the LinkedIn Top Voice badge?

LinkedIn recognizes two types of Top Voice badges: the gold badge, available for active contributors, and the blue badge, an exclusive recognition by invitation. The gold badge is the first step towards the blue badge, and this article focuses on earning the gold badge.

Action plan for earning the gold badge

The foundation for earning the Top Voice badge is consistently sharing valuable content. This means regularly contributing posts that resonate with your audience and align with your expertise.

Choose a specific topic

Focus your contributions on a specific topic to strengthen your expertise and visibility within that domain. By consistently contributing to this topic, you increase your chances of recognition.

Provide multiple contributions

To qualify for the badge, it is essential that you provide multiple contributions within the same field. Aim to achieve a top 5% position in your field by becoming one of the most active contributors.

Continue to contribute actively

To retain the badge, you need to remain in the top 5% of contributors in your field for 60 days. This requires continuity in your contributions.


  • Contributions: Provide at least three contributions in your field.
  • Top 5% Contributors: Ensure you are among the top 5% of contributors within your chosen expertise.
  • Appreciation from Others: Ensure that your contributions are positively received, measured by likes and interaction.

My personal experience and tips

Based on my experience, where I delivered daily contributions five times a week for about 4 weeks, I recommend keeping your contributions concise and engaging. Rely on your expertise and write in a way that feels natural.

Benefits of the Top Voice badge

Earning the Top Voice badge positions you as an expert in your field, leading to increased engagement, visibility, and potential business opportunities.

Earning the LinkedIn Top Voice badge requires commitment and dedication, but the benefits are significant. By showcasing your expertise and putting in extra effort, you can achieve more recognition and success on LinkedIn.

Thank you, Marc Saris, for the expert tips! Thank you, Thor J. De Groot, for the insights!

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