Consistency: Just like in the gym, the key to success on LinkedIn

Consistency is the key to success both in the gym and on LinkedIn. Discover how you can achieve your goals on the world's largest professional network through regular effort and strategy.

10 June 2024 -

"Consistency is not what we do occasionally, but what we do every day that makes the difference."

It’s All About Consistency!

You don’t see immediate results, but you believe this is the way to be successful. You feel your muscles warming up, you’re getting fitter, and you know you’re heading in the right direction. You might try a different exercise if you feel the current one is less effective. Sometimes you train your arms, back, and neck, and other times your legs and abs. Every step feels like the right move towards your goal: becoming fitter and more muscular.

LinkedIn Works the Same Way

You know your prospects are on LinkedIn, so you can reach them. You might not see immediate results, but you get some engagement and conversations, and you receive positive feedback, so you must be on the right track. Try something different to A/B test what works best. Not everything works equally well. Write a different kind of blog, like I’m doing now 😜, use a different opening line for a connection request, update your profile picture and headline, and start maintaining a CRM. You’ll see that you gradually take more refined steps toward your goal: being recognized as an expert and gaining new clients from LinkedIn.

You can do it!

You know it, you see it in others, and it works for you too. The only thing you need to do is stay convinced, keep optimizing, and persevere! 💪🏼

Show me the magic in real life 🪄

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