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27 October 2022 -

LinkedIn is the only platform that can perform Deep Sales

Post from Scott van Deinse (Head of Sales | Benelux, Israel and Iberia at LinkedIn Sales Solutions) on Linkedin:

It was incredible to do our first in-person event in ~2.5 years. It was even more special because we introduced LinkedIn Deep Sales for the very first time to companies in the Benelux.

Post-pandemic we’ve seen how buying and selling has fundamentally changed. As buyers are doing more online research (and interact less with sellers), the window of opportunity to engage with buyers at the right time has narrowed (our research shows that sellers can only influence 5% of a buyer’s total buying journey).

So how can sellers know the right time to engage a buyer, if they do not have real-time data about their target audience?

During this event, we demonstrated that LinkedIn is the only platform that can perform Deep Sales: Translate real-time sales intelligence actionable insights at a scale impossible for humans to drive better outcomes.

Thank you to our customer speakers: Michiel Verstraten of, and Giulia Bertoldero & Richard De Veer of for business. And thank you to my team for making this event a success. ChaïmBennoJan MichielTedMerelMerlisse.

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