Presented at the NIMA Marketing Day

Unlocking the true potential of LinkedIn: From networking to relationship building

14 June 2024 -

"Sales today begin with building relationships. LinkedIn is the platform for this, transforming connections into meaningful professional relationships."

I have presented at the NIMA Marketing Day about how LinkedIn is not a sales channel, but a networking platform!

Building relationships

We discussed that sales nowadays start with building relationships. LinkedIn is, of course, the platform for this. But how exactly?

Optimizing your profile

It all starts with optimizing your profile. Ensure a perfect appearance and clearly explain your added value. Your photo, your headline, your about section, and all functionalities like your featured section, everything must be on point so your profile looks clear and professional.

Approaching new connections

And then the much-discussed approach and spamming of new connections 😉. We all don’t want to spam, but we often do it anyway. The secret is to start a short and personal chat. People should really feel that you are authentically sending them a message and not that they are entering a sales funnel.

Your content strategy

Lastly, your content strategy. How do you divide your attention between the company page and your personal page? What different types of posts are there, and what is the secret to a truly good post? We discussed all of this and even put our words into action.

And ta-da!

It was really a super fun experience!

Many thanks again to all visitors and NIMA, Nederlands Instituut voor Marketing, MarketingTribune, Peter van Balsfoort, Ellen Waalderbos, Joyce van Diepen, and my colleague Thijs Elberse for all the photos!

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