First LinkedIn deep sales masterclass in the Netherlands

"gain more insight into the business network and achieve more results" is organizing the very first Dutch masterclass on LinkedIn’s new deep sales technology on November 10. Thanks to this masterclass, participants gain more insight into the business network and achieve more results.

LinkedIn is building the world’s first deep sales platform to improve sales results by networking based on insights. helps companies to introduce deep sales from LinkedIn and gives the first masterclass in the Netherlands. Initiator Michiel Verstraten will explain how to use LinkedIn as a sales channel. He, along with colleagues Amparito Sanders and Nadia Hassan, shows how sales teams and leaders translate technology into dynamic insights using LinkedIn and deep sales. This way they know exactly which actions they can take and when for better (turnover) results.

LinkedIn masterclass

The offline masterclass on LinkedIn will take place on Novemer 10, 2022 at the headquarters of in Amsterdam. Interested parties can register here.


From his business development and recruitment role at a management consultancy, Michiel Verstraten explored new ways to attract people and new projects via LinkedIn. Together with his brother Maarten, he developed a concept that led to the foundation of in 2019. Since then, this company has grown into a professional and skilled team of Business Growth Managers, who believe that business growth comes from building meaningful business relationships.

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